Threats to Female Tennis: Judy Murray Sounds Alarm

According to Judy Murray, death threats are being made against young women playing tennis by bettors who have lost money betting on them.

The former Fed Cup captain assisted in coaching his kids Andy and Jamie. She went on to become the world’s best singles and doubles player. Respectively, and stated that a “big problem” with social media abuse. In her newest book, The Wild Card, which is about a young female tennis player, Ms. Murray wrote about the problem.

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“Young girls [playing at the Fed Cup] were having problems with gamblers,” she told an audience at Cheltenham Literature Festival, (According to The Times).

“A lot of people put money on tennis players. If you’re one of the people who’ve lost them money then the death threats that come through, it’s horrible.”

“It’s a big problem for young people nowadays. Social media is such a huge part of their lives. Put out what you want but don’t get involved in it.”

Two former British number ones spoke out during the 2019 Wimbledon tournament. Joining other British women’s tennis players in complaining about internet harassment. According to Johanna Konta, online abuse, including death threats, is a daily occurrence.

“I definitely have had loads of experiences, loads of people wanting me to die and things like that – I don’t think that’s new to anyone,” she said.

Heather Watson also claimed that tennis players were regularly mistreated and that she had received death threats.

“It’s actually sad to say, but it’s pretty normal. I’ve had it throughout my whole career, I think,” she said.

“All the players get abuse online, which the Women’s Tennis Association is really good and helps us with all of that, investigating it all.”

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