Tennis Sensation Ons Jabeur’s Heartfelt Donation to Palestinians

Ons Jabeur, the Tunisian tennis sensation, couldn’t hold back her emotions as she exhibited a touching gesture during the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) Finals.

After securing a decisive victory over Marketa Vondrousova in the championship match, Jabeur not only celebrated her first win of the week but also moved the audience with a heartfelt speech.

In a poignant moment, she donated a portion of her prize money to support Palestinians in need. Her tears were a testament to her compassion and generosity on and off the tennis court.

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World No. 7 Jabeur stated the following on Wednesday in a WTA interview: “I am very happy with the win, but I haven’t been happy lately, to be honest with you. The situation in the world doesn’t make me happy.”

Jabeur said It’s very tough seeing children, babies dying every day. It’s heartbreaking. So, I’ve decided to donate part of my prize money to help the Palestinians.”

She continued: “I cannot be happy with just this win, with what is happening. I’m sorry guys, it’s supposed to be about tennis, but it’s very frustrating looking at videos every day. I’m sorry, it’s not a political message. It’s just humanity. I want peace in this world and that’s it.”

It should be mentioned that Israel has just sent ground forces into the Gaza Strip in an attempt to “crush” Hamas, the Palestinian organization, following an October 7 offensive in which its members killed 1,400 people, the majority of whom were civilians, including women, children, and the elderly.

The health ministry in Gaza, which is under Hamas control. It claims that Israel has retaliated since then with an unremitting air and artillery barrage that has killed over 8,500 Palestinians, two-thirds of them women and children.

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