Boris Becker Gives Novak Djokovic a Special Nickname and Celebrates Tennis Brilliance

Boris Becker’s Wimbledon win at 17 foreshadowed his surprising transition into a prominent tennis coach. Although his game relied more on physical prowess than strategic finesse, Becker’s unwavering determination on the grass courts left a lasting impression.

In contrast, Novak Djokovic, dubbed the “lion king” by Becker, exhibits extraordinary willpower and consistency, resembling a relentless force.

Recently, on Eurosport Germany’s ‘Das Gelbe vom Ball’ tennis podcast, Becker reflected on Djokovic’s unparalleled achievements.

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He proposed moving beyond the debate on Djokovic as the greatest tennis player and contemplating whether he stands as one of the greatest sportsmen, drawing parallels with luminaries like LeBron James, Tom Brady, Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Boris Becker talks about Novak Djokovic’s greatness

That description is quite fitting. While James, Brady, and Ronaldo are undoubtedly remarkable in their own right, Djokovic surpasses them in terms of individual records achieved at an extraordinary level. With 24 Grand Slams, 400 weeks as No. 1, and a staggering $180 million in prize money, Djokovic has set benchmarks that may prove insurmountable for others.

“For me, (Djokovic) is the lion king…Maybe you have to look at it more generally and he’s not just the best tennis player at the moment, but the best sportsman.”

Boris Becker said

Despite Boris Becker’s recent legal issues involving assets and a stint in an English prison, he has successfully returned to coaching. Currently mentoring 20-year-old Holger Rune, Becker acknowledges the tennis community’s support in reintegrating him into the sport. This mutual relationship between Becker and tennis is mutually beneficial, contributing positively to the sport’s dynamics.

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