ATP and Dunlop: A Global Tennis Partnership Extended Until 2028

ATP and Dunlop are delighted to announce the extension of their global partnership through 2028. Dunlop, maintaining its role as the Official Ball of the ATP Tour since 2019, will now expand its involvement, becoming the Official Racket and Official Tennis Accessories (non-exclusive) of the ATP Tour.

Furthermore, This collaboration entails the development of a dedicated ATP product line, covering strings, grips, dampeners, and racket bags.

Additionally, a special fan edition of the Dunlop FX racket, as used by ATP Tour pro Jack Draper, will be introduced. As part of their ongoing commitment, ATP and Dunlop are actively working on advancing sustainability in tennis.

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These efforts aim to have a positive impact on resource consumption and waste reduction both on the ATP Tour and among millions of recreational players globally. Moreover, This sustainability focus aligns with the ATP Serves mission and underscores commitments made under UN Sports for Climate Action.

Massimo Calvelli, ATP CEO:

“Tennis balls are at the very core of our game. The Dunlop ATP ball is a consistent top-quality product, backed by continuous R&D, which allows our players to perform at their best.” Calvelli said.

Dunlop is in the process of creating eco-friendly materials for tennis balls, with a focus on increased use of recycled materials and reduced plastic in packaging.

He also said, “We’re thrilled to build on our successful partnership with Dunlop and to continue innovating together.”

“Our joint reach across all levels of the game has huge potential to positively impact players and the planet.”


Ken Yamamoto, Head of Racket Sports Business, Dunlop/Sumitomo Rubber Industries:

“With 100 years of experience making the highest quality tennis balls, we know what it takes to produce a tennis ball that players can rely on,” said Ken Yamamoto

“Dunlop has been dedicated to research, development, and listening to player feedback to ensure the very best for all players and tournaments.”

The expanded collaboration expands on a long-standing tennis tradition. The ATP commemorated its 50th anniversary in 2022, and Dunlop has been manufacturing superior athletic gear for over a century.

He said, “It is a great honor for Dunlop to be partnered with the ATP Tour, who we share so many core values with. We’re excited to continue our partnership and build on our sustainability focus, supporting current and future generations in the sport that we love.”

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