Stockholm Open 2024: Dive into the Complete Tennis Schedule

A highly anticipated ATP Tour event, the Stockholm Open 2024 is sure to provide an exciting showcase of the best tennis available. Nestled against the iconic Kungliga Tennishallen in Stockholm, Sweden, this esteemed competition is a pivotal stop on the ATP 250 circuit, drawing top players from across the globe. Let’s examine the Stockholm Open 2024 Schedule to see what thrilling matchups and fierce competition can be expected in this year’s competition, as tennis fans eagerly await the drama that is developing on the hard courts.


The Royal Tennis Hall (Kungliga Tennishallen) in Stockholm, Sweden, will host the Stockholm Open in 2024. The location of the venue is in the heart of the city. There are 13,800 seats available in the indoor arena known as the Royal Tennis Hall. Tennis competitions and other athletic events are frequently held there.

Stockholm Open 2024 Schedule

The first round of the 2024 Stockholm Open, featuring 28 players vying for supremacy, will take place on November 1. Starting at 11:00 AM CET, matches will commence. Here is a summary of the tournament schedule for the 2024 Stockholm Open

  • November 1st: Round 1 Singles
  • November 2nd: Round 2 Singles and Quarterfinals Doubles
  • November 3rd: Round 3 Singles and Semifinals Doubles
  • November 4th: Quarterfinals Singles
  • November 6th: Semifinals Singles
  • November 7th: Finals Doubles
  • November 9th: Finals Singles

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Prize Money

The prize money pool for the Stockholm Open 2024 is a noteworthy €481,275. In the men’s singles division, the winner will take home a substantial €85,000, while the runner-up will receive an impressive €45,700. In the meantime, the winners of the doubles match will split a €30,200 prize pool, with the runners-up receiving €16,800. The tournament’s prominence and appeal in the cutthroat world of professional tennis are highlighted by the sizeable prize fund.


In late March 2024, enthusiasts can acquire tickets for the upcoming 2024 Stockholm Open, ensuring their attendance at this highly anticipated event. Secure your seats through the official Stockholm Open website or authorized ticket vendors, with prices ranging from €25 to €150 based on the day and seat location. We recommend early purchases to guarantee optimal seating and avoid any potential disappointment.

History of Stockholm Open 

The Stockholm Open, an integral part of the ATP Tour, has a rich and storied history in the world of tennis. Established in 1969, this prestigious tournament has consistently showcased top-tier talent and thrilling matches on the indoor hard courts of the Kungliga tennishallen (Royal Tennis Hall) in Stockholm, Sweden.

Over the decades, the Stockholm Open has played host to numerous tennis legends, contributing significantly to the sport’s legacy. The event’s longevity and tradition have made it a respected fixture on the tennis calendar. It attracts both players and fans alike. Each year, the tournament unfolds as a testament to the enduring appeal and competitive spirit of professional tennis.

The Bottom Line!

the Stockholm Open 2024, set against the iconic Kungliga Tennishallen, promises a riveting display of top-tier tennis. With a meticulously crafted schedule featuring intense matches from November 1st to 9th. A substantial prize pool of €481,275, the event underscores its significance on the ATP Tour. The Royal Tennis Hall’s storied history and the tournament’s enduring legacy contribute to its esteemed status, ensuring a thrilling spectacle of skill and sportsmanship that captivates fans and players alike.

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