Queen’s Club Championships 2024: Full Tennis Schedule Unveiled

The Queen’s Club Championships, a prestigious event on the ATP Tour, is eagerly anticipated in the tennis world. The tournament, held annually at the historic Queen’s Club in London, serves as a crucial grass-court warm-up for players ahead of Wimbledon. The Queen’s Club Championships 2024 Schedule promises an exciting week filled with top-notch tennis action, attracting elite players vying for success on the grass courts as they prepare for the Grand Slam tournament.

Tournament Overview

The Queen’s Club Championships, recognized as the cinch Championships, stands as an esteemed annual tennis extravaganza hosted at the illustrious Queen’s Club in the heart of London, England. As a pivotal event in the ATP Tour 500 series, it commands the spotlight, drawing the admiration of tennis aficionados globally.

The competition unfolds on the hallowed grounds of traditional grass courts, contributing to the tournament’s timeless charm and historical resonance. This eagerly awaited event not only showcases top-tier tennis but also holds a distinct place in the hearts of players and fans alike, embodying the spirit of the sport on the iconic grass surfaces of Queen’s Club.

Queen’s Club Championships 2024 Schedule

The 2024 Queen’s Club Championships will grace the sporting calendar from June 17th to June 23rd, promising an exhilarating week of top-tier tennis. Here is the schedule for the 2024 Queen’s Club Championships:

  • June 17th: Round 1 Singles
  • June 18th: Round 1 Singles
  • June 19th: Round 2 Singles, Quarterfinals Doubles
  • June 20th: Round 2 Singles, Quarterfinals Doubles
  • June 21st: Quarterfinals Singles
  • June 22nd: Semifinals Singles
  • June 23rd: Finals Singles, Finals Doubles

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Tournament Venue

The Queen’s Club in West Kensington, London, England, is the venue for the Queen’s Club Championships. Since 1890, the tournament has been held at the private members’ club known as The Queen’s Club. The club features 13 grass courts, the largest of which is the 10,000-seat Center Court.

The Queen’s Club is conveniently close to buses and the Underground, among other forms of public transportation. In addition, the club provides a range of amenities for guests, such as eateries, bars, and retail stores.

Tournament Prize Money

The total prize money for the 2024 Queen’s Club Championships is €2,144,385. The prize money is distributed as follows:


  • Winner: €351,770
  • Runner-up: €182,950
  • Semifinalists: €94,275
  • Quarterfinalists: €49,125
  • Round 2: €26,450
  • Round 1: €14,300


  • Winners: €102,290
  • Runners-up: €53,140
  • Semifinalists: €27,940
  • Quarterfinalists: €14,970
  • Round 1: €8,020

Queen’s Club Championships 2024 Tickets

In late January 2024, enthusiasts can actively buy tickets for the 2024 Queen’s Club Championships. You can easily secure a seat through the official tournament website or authorized ticket vendors. Ticket prices will vary, ranging from approximately €50 to €200, with the cost contingent on both the chosen day of attendance and the preferred seat location.

The Bottom Line!

Get ready for a thrilling week of tennis at the historic Queen’s Club Championships from June 17th to June 23rd, 2024. The tournament, a vital grass-court warm-up for Wimbledon, takes place at the iconic Queen’s Club in London. With elite players competing for success on the traditional grass courts, this event is a true embodiment of tennis spirit. The Queen’s Club Championships 2024 promises top-tier action and a chance for fans to witness excellence on the iconic grass surfaces of Queen’s Club. Don’t miss out on the excitement!

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