Mexican Open 2024: Dive into Every Scheduled Tennis Match

As the Mexican Open 2024 approaches with an exciting schedule that promises close matches and fierce competition, get ready for tennis excitement. With the colorful culture of Mexico serving as a backdrop, this esteemed competition promises to feature elite players and exciting on-court moments. A tennis spectacle that fans won’t want to miss is promised by the Mexican Open 2024 Schedule. It features star-studded matchups and the chase for glory.


The Mexican Open unfolds at Acapulco’s Arena GNP Seguros, a cutting-edge venue with a 10,000-seat capacity and a retractable roof on its center court. This ensures an exciting and weather-proof tennis experience for both players and fans against the backdrop of Acapulco’s coastal beauty.

Mexican Open 2024 Schedule

The dates of the 2024 Mexican Open are set for February 27 to March 5. Furthermore, Here is the schedule for the 2024 Mexican Open:

  • February 22nd: Round 1 Singles, Round 1 Doubles
  • February 23rd: Round 1 Singles, Round 1 Doubles
  • February 24th: Round 2 Singles, Round 2 Doubles
  • February 25th: Semifinals Singles, Finals Doubles
  • February 26th: Finals Singles

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Mexican Open 2024 Prize Money

The 2024 Mexican Open stakes claim to a substantial prize fund, totaling an impressive $7,993,320. In this high-stakes tennis extravaganza, triumph in the men’s singles division translates to a lucrative reward of $1,346,900, emphasizing the prestige attached to securing the title.

Similarly, the women’s singles champion will be rewarded with a notable sum of $93,875. The intense competition extends its rewards to the runners-up, who, in both categories. The Athelete will receive substantial consolation prizes of $673,450 for men and $59,303 for women.

Mexican Open 2024 Tickets

Tickets can be purchased online or at the Arena GNP Seguros box office. Moreover, Ticket prices will vary depending on the day of the tournament and the seat location. However, fans can expect to pay between USD$35 and USD$99 for tickets to the event.

Additionally, Fans are advised to purchase their tickets early, as they often sell out. Tickets can be purchased online through the official Mexican Open website or through authorized sellers such as Ticketmaster. Fans can also purchase tickets at the Arena GNP Seguros box office, but they should be aware that availability may be limited.

Mexican Open History

The Mexican Open, a fixture in the international tennis calendar, has a storied history that dates back to its inception in 1993. Over the years, it has evolved into a premier event known for its blend of sporting prowess. The captivating backdrop of Acapulco. Originally established as the Mexican National Championships, the tournament transitioned to the Mexican Open in 2001 and has since attracted some of the biggest names in the tennis world.

Additionally, The venue, the Arena GNP Seguros in Acapulco, has witnessed countless iconic moments and thrilling matches. Furthermore, With a rich legacy of showcasing top-tier talent. The Mexican Open has become a pivotal stop on the ATP and WTA tours, earning its place as a cornerstone in the global tennis community. Meanwhile, Beyond the gripping on-court action, the tournament’s history is intertwined with the vibrant culture and hospitality of Mexico, creating an unforgettable experience for players and fans alike.

The Bottom Line!

Gear up for an electrifying week of tennis as the Mexican Open 2024 unfolds from February 27 to March 5 at Acapulco’s Arena GNP Seguros. Expect fierce competition, star-studded matchups, and a pursuit of glory. Additionally, Secure your tickets early for this unmissable tennis spectacle that blends history, culture, and world-class athleticism. Join us in celebrating the legacy of the Mexican Open!

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