Hamburg Open 2024: A Scheduled Showdown of Skill

The Hamburg Open 2024 has a jam-packed schedule that is sure to captivate spectators. With the energetic city of Germany as a backdrop, this esteemed competition promises exhilarating matches and intense competition as elite players fight for dominance on the clay courts. The Hamburg Open 2024 Schedule teases an exciting schedule of events that fans won’t want to miss, from the opening serves to the thrilling finals, as excitement for the event grows.


The Am Rothenbaum Tennis Stadium, a location rich in tradition and history, is home to the Hamburg Open. The stadium can hold 13,200 spectators and is situated in the center of Hamburg, Germany. 2009 saw a significant renovation of the Am Rothenbaum Tennis Stadium that improved its amenities and updated its infrastructure. The focal point of the stadium is the Centre Court, which has played host to some of the most famous tennis matches in history thanks to its distinctive clay and sand surface.

Hamburg Open 2024 Schedule

The Hamburg Open in 2024 is anticipated to be a captivating display of tennis skills. The world’s best tennis players will gather at the venerable Am Rothenbaum Tennis Stadium from July 22 to July 28, 2024, for the ATP 500 tournament. They will be prepared to display their impressive tactical skills and captivating athleticism.

  • July 22: Round 1 of singles qualifying begins
  • July 23: Round 2 of singles qualifying begins
  • July 24: Round 3 of singles qualifying begins and Round 1 of the singles main draw begins
  • July 25: Round 2 of the singles main draw begins
  • July 26: Round of 16 of singles main draw and Round 1 of doubles main draw begins
  • July 27: Quarterfinals of singles main draw and Round 2 of doubles main draw begins
  • July 28: Semifinals of singles main draw and semifinals and finals of doubles main draw

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European Open 2023 Prize Money

Prize Money

The total prize money for the 2024 Hamburg Open is €1,831,515. The winner of the men’s singles tournament will receive €333,125, while the winner of the women’s singles tournament will receive €29,760.

Men’s singles:

  • Winner: €333,125
  • Runner-up: €178,170
  • Semifinalist: €94,925
  • Quarterfinalist: €48,550
  • Round of 16: €25,900
  • Round of 32: €13,800

Men’s doubles:

  • Winner: €108,770
  • Runner-up: €58,000
  • Semifinalist: €29,340
  • Quarterfinalist: €14,670
  • Round of 16: €7,600

Women’s singles:

  • Winner: €29,760
  • Runner-up: €15,922
  • Semifinalist: €8,870
  • Quarterfinalist: €5,000
  • Round of 16: €3,065
  • Round of 32: €2,200

Women’s doubles:

  • Winner: €9,680
  • Runner-up: €5,400
  • Semifinalist: €3,185
  • Quarterfinalist: €1,895
  • Round of 16: €1,450


The tournament’s tickets are currently available for purchase online or at the box office of the stadium. The day of the week, the kind of seat, and the stage of the tournament all affect ticket costs. While finals tickets can cost as much as €200, qualifying round tickets start at €25.

The Hamburg Open offers a range of hospitality packages in addition to individual tickets, which include access to private events, first-class seating, and catering. Hospitality packages can be purchased online or by getting in touch with the tournament directly; prices begin at €150.

The Bottom Line!

The Hamburg Open 2024, hosted at the historic Am Rothenbaum Tennis Stadium from July 22 to July 28, promises an exciting showcase of tennis brilliance. With a total prize money of €1,831,515, the tournament features thrilling matches, starting with the singles qualifying rounds on July 22 and concluding with the singles and doubles finals on July 28. Don’t miss the intense competition and top-notch athleticism on display during this prestigious ATP 500 event.

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