Antalya Open 2024: Dive into the Full Tennis Schedule

Tennis fans all over the world are excited to dive into the exciting schedule that promises a breathtaking display of skill and athleticism for the Antalya Open in 2024. With Antalya, Turkey, as its breathtaking backdrop, this tournament is sure to attract elite players who will be fighting for victory on the sun-kissed courts. The schedule is designed to captivate audiences and immerse them in the thrilling world of professional tennis, with everything from intense singles matches to captivating doubles showdowns. Come along as we delve into the details of the Antalya Open 2024 schedule, where every match brings players one step closer to winning the championship.


The Antalya Open 2024 will take place in the opulence of the Kaya Palazzo Resort Hotel, an opulent sanctuary tucked away in the stunning surroundings of Belek, Antalya, Turkey. This prestigious resort, which boasts lavish amenities and eye-catching architectural designs, will be the ideal setting for this fascinating tennis event.

The expansive 14 tennis courts of the Kaya Palazzo Resort Hotel. It has a capacity of 1,500 spectators center court with state-of-the-art technology. It makes for an amazing backdrop for the exciting matches of the tournament. The well-maintained courts, illuminated by warm sunlight, provide the perfect platform for athletes to demonstrate their agility and tactical skills.

Antalya Open 2024 Schedule

There will be a wide variety of matches at the Antalya Open 2024, including main draw singles matches, qualifying rounds, and doubles matches. The top six qualifiers will move on to the main draw after the qualifying rounds. It will be scheduled for October 19 and 20. Starting on October 21, the main draw singles matches will take place, with the championship match set for October 27. October 22 will mark the start of the doubles matches, with the final on October 25.

  • Qualifying Rounds: October 19-20, 2024
  • Main Draw Singles Matches: October 21-27, 2024
  • Doubles Matches: October 22-25, 2024
  • October 21: First Round of Singles
  • October 22: Second Round of Singles
  • October 23: Quarterfinals of Singles
  • October 24: Semifinals of Singles, Final of Doubles
  • October 25: Final of Singles

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Prize Money:

The Antalya Open 2024 offers a substantial prize pool of €707,125, a significant increase from the previous year’s prize money of €2,409,835. This substantial boost reflects the tournament’s growing prestige and its commitment to attracting top-tier players. Here’s a breakdown of the prize money for the singles and doubles competitions:


  • Winner: €450,650
  • Runner-up: €242,480
  • Semifinalist: €129,225
  • Quarterfinalist: €66,025


  • Champions: €148,020 (€74,010 per player)
  • Runners-up: €78,950 (€39,475 per player)
  • Semifinalist: €39,940 (€19,970 per player)
  • Quarterfinalist: €19,970 (€9,985 per player)


You can buy tickets for the Antalya Open 2024 online or at the box office of the Kaya Palazzo Resort Hotel. The cost of a ticket varies based on its category; Category 1 tickets start at €100, Category 2 tickets at €75, Category 3 tickets at €50, and Category 4 tickets at €25.

The Bottom Line!

Antalya Open 2024 promises tennis excellence in the scenic Kaya Palazzo Resort, Belek, Turkey. With 14 courts, the schedule includes qualifying rounds on Oct 19-20, main draw singles from Oct 21-27, and doubles matches from Oct 22-25. Top-tier players compete for a prize pool of €707,125. Secure your tickets for a front-row experience!

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