United Cup Prize Money 2023: A Breakdown of Rewards and Winners

The United Cup is a new mixed-gender team tennis event that was first held in 2023. The tournament is jointly organized by the ATP Tour and the WTA Tour, and it features 18 teams from around the world. The United Cup is held in Australia in the lead-up to the Australian Open.

The United Cup is a unique tournament in that it combines individual and team competition. Each team consists of six players, three men and three women. Each team plays a round-robin format, with each player playing one singles match and one mixed doubles match. The two teams with the best records from each group advance to the semifinals and final. We’ll discuss the United Cup Prize Money 2023 in this article.

Total prize money

The 2023 United Cup features an impressive total prize money pool of US$15 million, signifying a substantial increase from the prize money offered in the previous mixed-gender team tennis event, the ATP Cup.

This substantial financial incentive is expected to intensify the competition and further enhance the event’s status, enticing top-tier players to participate. It reflects the growing significance of the United Cup in the tennis world, promising greater opportunities and rewards for players.

Prize money breakdown

The United Cup 2023 features a generous prize money breakdown, rewarding singles and doubles champions substantially. Additionally, junior players and rising stars receive dedicated prizes. Special awards highlight outstanding achievements. The prize distribution reflects the event’s significance, not only as a competition but also as a financial opportunity for players.

Individual prize money

Individual prize money is based on a player’s ranking, match wins, and team wins. The higher a player’s ranking and the more matches they win, the more individual prize money they will earn.

Match WinsNo. 1No. 2Doubles

Team prize money

Team prize money is divided equally among the six players on each team. The more matches a team wins, the more team prize money they will earn.

Team Wins ($/Player) 

Participation fee

United Cup players receive a fixed participation fee of US$200,000, promoting fair compensation and financial stability regardless of match outcomes or team performance. This inclusive approach distinguishes the event and benefits players, contributing to the tournament’s overall appeal and competitiveness.

Singles Ranking$/Player
1-10 $200,000 
11-20 $100,000 
21-30 $60,000 
31-50 $40,000
51-100 $30,000 
101-250 $25,000 
251+ $20,000 

Maximum earnings

The United Cup offers players the potential for significant earnings, with the maximum possible income reaching up to US$883,385. This scenario materializes when a player achieves an exceptional performance. They secured victory in all of their singles matches and mixed doubles matches.

While their team clinches the tournament title. This substantial sum not only recognizes the remarkable skills and determination of the athlete but also adds an extra layer of excitement to the competition, as it underscores the potential financial rewards available to top-performing individuals in the tournament.

Minimum earnings

Players in the United Cup are guaranteed minimum earnings of US$5,000. even if they face challenges and do not secure any match victories. Their team does not win any matches either. This baseline compensation ensures that athletes receive some financial recognition for their participation in the event, regardless of their on-court performance.

Comparison to other tournaments

The prize pool for the United Cup is one of the largest for a mixed-gender team tennis event. The Hopman Cup, the only other mixed-gender team tennis event with a larger prize pool, was canceled in 2019.

The prize budget for the United Cup is also bigger than it is for many other ATP Tour and WTA Tour competitions. For instance, the combined prize pool for the ATP Masters 1000 competitions is $9 million, whereas the combined purse for the WTA 1000 competitions is US$1.5 million.

Final Verdict!

the United Cup’s compensation structure demonstrates a commitment to fairness and inclusivity. With a fixed participation fee of US$200,000 for each player, regardless of match outcomes, the tournament ensures financial stability and acknowledges the dedication of all participants. The potential for maximum earnings of US$883,385 underscores the rewards for exceptional performance, while a minimum guarantee of US$5,000 provides financial support even in challenging circumstances. This balanced approach enhances the overall appeal of the United Cup and reaffirms its status as a player-friendly event.

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