Rothesay International Prize Money 2023: All You Need to Know

The 2023 Rothesay International in Eastbourne took place from June 26 to July 1, 2023. Francisco Cerundolo was crowned the 2023 Rothesay International Eastbourne champion, emerging victorious over Tommy Paul in the final. Devonshire Park in Eastbourne hosted both an ATP 250 and WTA 500 event simultaneously during the Eastbourne International. Sponsored as the Rothesay International, the event, played the week before Wimbledon, had a two-year stint in Nottingham before returning to Eastbourne in 2017. However, we will discuss Rothesay International 2023 Prize Money in this article.

What is the Rothesay International in Eastbourne?

This tournament has been a fixture on the tennis scene for a while, much like the majority of grass court events held in Great Britain. The ATP tour first visited the location in 2009, and the WTA tour has been hosted there since 1974.

The competition was held in Nottingham in 2015 and 2016, before returning to Eastbourne in 2017. It has since been held as an ATP and WTA combined event. On the men’s side, it is categorized as an ATP 250 event with a 28-player draw. The former winners of Eastbourne include Andy Roddick and Novak Djokovic, both Grand Slam champions.

Rothesay International 2023 Prize Overview

The total Rothesay International prize money for the ATP division in Eastbourne increased by 3.76% from 2022 to €723,655 in 2023. With 250 ranking points won before Wimbledon, the men’s champion took home €110,070, a 3.8% increase over last year’s winner, Taylor Fritz. The runner-up took home €64,205, which represented a 3.8% rise over the previous year. It was comparable percentage increases for the preceding rounds.

For example, losers in the first round earned 3.7% more, or €7,760. In the women’s division, the draw size was lowered from 64 to 32. The total prize money increased to $780,637, a 3.00% increase. The $120,150 prize money for the WTA champion was 3.27% more than a year earlier.

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Eastbourne International 2023 Prize Money Breakdown

You can see a detailed breakdown of the prize money for this year’s ATP event in Eastbourne in the tables below. The percentage change in prize money from the previous year is also visible.

ATP Singles

2023Prize Money % Change vs 2022
Runner Up€64,2053.8%
Round 2€12,7003.8%
Round 1€7,7603.7%

ATP Doubles

2023Prize Money% Change vs 2022
Round 1€3,9503.7%

WTA Singles

2023Prize Money % Change vs 2022
Round 2€9,63314.46%
Round 1€6,28517.24%

WTA Doubles

2023Prize Money % Change vs 2022
Round 1€3,9783.6%

The Bottom Line!

The 2023 Rothesay International in Eastbourne, was held from June 26 to July 1. It was crowned Francisco Cerundolo as the champion, defeating Tommy Paul. Hosted at Devonshire Park, it featured both ATP 250 and WTA 500 competitions. Originating in Nottingham, the event returned to Eastbourne in 2017. Notably, the ATP prize money increased by 3.76%, reaching €723,655. The men’s champion, claiming €110,070, saw a 3.8% rise, and the runner-up earned €64,205, a 3.8% increase. In the WTA division, the draw size was reduced to 32, with a prize pool of $780,637.

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