Hall of Fame Open, Newport Prize Money 2023: All you need to know

The Infosys Hall of Fame Open was an ATP 250 tournament in Newport, Rhode Island. First held in 1881, the Hall of Fame Open was the only professional tournament played on grass in North America. Held at the International Tennis Hall of Fame. It was the last chance of the season for players to use their grass-court tennis skills to earn some ranking points and, perhaps more importantly, some prize money. We’ll discuss the Hall of Fame Open 2023 Prize Money in this article.

What is the Hall of Fame Open in Newport?

The only grass-court competition contested outside of Europe is this one. On the men’s circuit, it is categorized as an ATP 250 tournament and has a singles draw with 28 players and a doubles draw with 16 teams. The Hall of Fame Open’s first competition took place in 1976.

With four victories under his belt, John Isner now owns the record for the most titles at the venue. A ceremony to induct former tennis players into the International Tennis Hall of Fame is also held during the competition. This year’s inductees are Rick Draney and Esther Vergeer.

Hall of Fame Open 2023 Prize Overview

The total prize money awarded at the Hall of Fame Open in 2023 was $642,735, an increase of 8.03% from the previous year. The winner at Newport received a winner’s purse of $97,760, an increase of 8.0% from the sum given to Maxime Cressy the previous year. In addition to the coveted grass-court crown.

Similar to the winner, the runner-up earned 8.0% more money and took home a $57,020 award. Losers in qualifying and early rounds also saw an 8% increase in prize money compared to 2022, with Round 1 losers collecting $6,895, or an 8.1% increase in earnings.

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When was the Hall of Fame Open 2023 Happened?

The qualifying rounds took place on Sunday, July 16. The main draw action commenced on Monday, July 17. The semifinals were held on Saturday, July 22, alongside the Hall of Fame ceremony. The championship round was scheduled for Sunday, July 23.

The Hall of Fame Open’s overall prize pool for this year is $642,735. The winner will receive $97,760 in addition to 250 ranking points.

Hall of Fame Open 2023 Prize Money Breakdown

The total prize pool for the Hall of Fame Open this year is $642,735. Along with receiving $97,760 in prize money, the victor also receives 250 ranking points.


2023Prize Money% Change vs 2022
Round 2$11,2808.0%
Round 1$6,8958.1%


2023Prize Money % Change vs 2022
Round 1$3,5108.0%

Hall of Fame Open Total Money History

YearHall of Fame Open Total Prize Money% Change
2020Not played 

The Bottom Line!

The Infosys Hall of Fame Open in Newport, Rhode Island. It has maintained its rich tradition as North America’s sole grass court tournament, offering players a final opportunity to showcase their skills and earn significant prize money. The 2023 edition witnessed an 8.03% increase in the total prize pool, with winners and early-round participants benefiting from these enhancements. The event’s significance in the world of tennis, along with its unique grass court setting. It continues to make it a standout fixture in the tennis calendar

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